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including collaborations with partners, friends and perhaps eventually YOU!

Manifestations of Nancy Dancing Light

Manifestations of Nancy Dancing Light

View and collect dynamic Transformational Imagery from the Galleries and also collaborate by emailing jpegs of your own to White Thunder Images for Transformation Enhancement. See FREE TRIAL OFFER below.

Guest Collaborators may also arrange for long-distance Transformational Imagery Direction, wherein White Thunder Images will suggest setting, costuming and subject placement or action for a desired Transformational Imagery Outcome and follow through with appropriate intuitive image enhancement.

The process can also be reversed wherein Guest Collaborators suggest the direction of White Thunder Images photography.

What is this Transformational Imagery stuff all about? Images have traditionally been created by human beings to inspire greater love, desire, idealism, heroic action, courage, altruism, justice, appetite, honour, worship, vision, passion, etc. White Thunder Images endeavours to create and co-create transfomative images for contemplation, inspiration and positive change.

I believe that images can help people change for their own betterment, see themselves and the world in new and magical ways and catch glimmers of other realities co-existing with our "normal" reality. As an artist, I have abundant Creator-given talent, intuition and new technology tools for helping to bring powerful, enriching and transforming images into being, and a deep yearning to share those tools and images with others.

For artists/performers/models: Like mine, your work has many layers of reality and meaning. Let my intuition, talent and techniques unlock more of those layers through a profound collaboration. You say you can dance/perform. but don't always have the bucks for high production value studio lighting, costuming, set design? Let White Thunder Images bathe your creative work with sublime light and vivacious colour. Ordinary fabrics and even furnishings may come alive with colour, texture and meaning. Contemplative, intuitive manipulation of images may lead to totally unexpected revelations of deeper realities present in the work. This goes for sculptors and visual media artists as well-there are presently unseen realities and ambiences in your work waiting to be set free! Use the results to boost your confidence, unleash new creativity, promote your work, create profitable products, gift your supporters.

DragonShield...................................................................Swirl Wind from 12 Celtic Winds Project

For those seeking Transformative Change in their lives and relationships: Gain totally new insight into your self-image, sexuality, spiritual nature, creative potential , attractiveness, allure, self-possession and self-appreciation. Let the intuitive light of my hand and the lens of my eye cast illumination on the mysteries between you and the cosmos, and between you and others.

My Way of the Heart Teacher-Kim.........................................................Meditation Lock

For those wishing to express their love, care, passions and desires in new exciting ways: intimate moments with self, lovers, partner, nature, family, friends, pets, toys, places... the possibilities are boundless! Let us work together from your existing images, White Thunder Images Directed Imagery, or even real-time collaboration at your location, to heighten the reality and make visible the spirit of your passions. Needs, views and advice would be welcome.


Current Contract Price for Transformative Enhancement: $20* for up to 4 images.

The client sends White Thunder Images jpg's as email attachments along with information regarding needs & expectations such as end use. The work is done on spec & sent to the client as low resolution jpg's for approval. If all is well, I send the client a PayPal invoice for $20. Upon receipt and clearance, the client is sent high resolution images as email attachments. The lient can then take/send (a flash memory stick works great) the attachments to their local printer to be printed.

Great value for promotional posters, brochures, portfolios, CD labels, calendars, gifts, etc.

*White Thunder Images retains right of use of the enhanced images unless otherwise contracted.


White Thunder Images offers digital images in a variety of formats. See Gallery Pages for details and to order.

Notice: Galleries contain Artful Nudity

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